28 March 2013

Thessaloniki Beer Bars

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On a visit to Thessaloniki (20-25 March 2013) I took the opportunity to visit some beer bars, usually with my Greek friend Theodoros Natsinas who kindly helped with the ordering and gamely drank beer with me despite it 'not being summer' the season when Greeks are more likely to drink beer.
The bars were interesting but I was disappointed at the relative lack of Greek or English beers that were available in comparison to the number of German and Belgian beers that predominated.
Here is a pictorial record of the bars / beers.

Kafodeio Elliniko, Ioustinianou 3, Thessaloniki

Historic photographs on the walls and glass topped circular tables with display items.

The bar with a collection of traditional small coffee pots with long handles on low level bar.

Vergina Weiss with a complimentary dish of popcorn.

Cafeneio Prigipos, Apostolou Pavlou 22, Thessaloniki

This is near the Turkish embassy which is surrounded by high spiked railings and has a permanent police guard.

Bar is located at the far end of the room (left).
Frappe (cold coffee) served with a glass of water. Note beer glasses in display cabinet (right).

Καφενείο Η ΠΡΙΓΚΗΠΟΣ website

Beeri Beeri, Platia Navarinou 7, Thessaloniki

Swiss chalet style frontage achieved by whitewashing some windows on the floor above! This bar has some quirky features and an open kitchen area for preparing meals. The beer and food menu is presented on a 'scroll'.
Tim outside Beeri Beeri - time for a beer!
view of bar on entering
interesting collection of fonts including a watering can!
Open kitchen (left) - Proprietors with a copy of 'Ullage' (West Berkshire CAMRA newsletter)
fruit crate for a lampshade among unusual features of main seating area.
Corfu Beer - Royal Ionian Pilsner

Beeri Beeri facebook page

Toixo Toixo, Polydorou Stergiou 1, Thessaloniki

This is in the old town and can be reached by the Culture Bus (route 50). The 'Craft Microbrewery' awnings caught my eye but I was unable to confirm if this microbrewery is still operating. www.craft.gr  
I visited this restaurant / bar on my own so sat at the bar and admired the decor while I enjoyed a Vergina 'Weiss' from a tall glass.

left of bar
fonts at centre of bar
right of bar - small bottles of Tsipouro in cabinet

 Toixo Toixo facebook page

Bite Me!, 1 Leoforos Nikis, Thessaloniki

After a liquid lunch it was time to find something to eat before a visit to the Photography Museum. I was lucky to find Bite Me on the promenade near the port. The compact cafe had only been open since 15 December 2012 and was spotlessly clean inside. I found a seat on a tall stool with a view of the grill and of the bay glimmering in the sunshine.
view from promenade near Bite Me!
There were pictures of the dishes behind the counter so it was easy to decide on souvlaki.
Souvlaki at Bite Me!
 A choice of drinks was available including beers from Germany and the Czech Republic. I chose a Greek beer - Fix. It was served in a glass designed to keep the beer cool.

Fix - brewed by Olympic brewery

Another nice surprise from this visit to Bite Me was the discovery that the beer was included in the price of the meal on this occasion! I wish Bite Me every success with their new venture.
The Photography Museum was now only a short walk away.
Thessaloniki Photography Museum - the port.
Bite Me facebook page

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